Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Kit at Heritage Scrap AND Faith Sisters

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  Partly because it has been the least corrupted by the retail industry.  But mostly because I feel it is a natural part of faith to be THANKFUL!  I have many happy childhood memories of large family Thanksgiving dinners around my Grandma Hopkins' table.  Not only did family gather, but often older widowed ladies from our various churches and friends (old and new), who happened to be passing through and/or separated from family at that time.  When I married my husband and left the Pacific Northwest for Sunny California - my family Thanksgiving dinners were what I missed most.  The scrumptious meal put together by loving and cooperative hands, Scrabble and "Kick It" (fussball) games, putting together puzzles and looking at each other's photos from the last year are all part of the great memories I store in my heart.

With all these things in mind, I created "Thankful", which can be used to scrap your Thanksgiving memories, but is also versatile for other autumn and family occasions.  Included is some bonus word art and titles including two with Scripture and some quotes.  The papers have textures of damask and leaves and I've included many photo real elements.

Thankful is available at Heritage Scrap and Faith Sisters.  Thankful will also coordinate well with my portion of the Hearth and Home Designer Collaboration Kit at Heritage Scrap and Autumn Glory which is available at both Heritage Scrap and Faith Sisters.

Today through November 8, Thankful (and the rest of my store is 50% off!). If you create something with one of these kits, please let me know!  I'd love to see your art!

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