Friday, September 30, 2011

October Eve - Heritage Scrap Designer Collaboration Kit

We had a beautiful palette to work with this month for October Eve. Kate had us envision old damask wall papers, rich textures of velvets and tapestries and the heavy scented air of October evenings, nights out at the theater or at home.  I tried to capture this through the textures of my background papers.  The layout is my Great Grandfather and I used it to highlight one way you could use the frame cluster included in the kit.

Here is the preview of my portion, which is found HERE.  You can find the whole collection HERE.  I encourage you to take a look at the other designers' kits.  There are lots of sparkles, satins, damasks and other beautiful features.  My kit is pretty simple in comparison but I'm kind of a "plain Jane" girl! The fun thing is that everything always works together when you take pieces from each portion and mix them together!  As always, the portions will be on sale for $2.50 each during the month of October.  Happy Scrapping!

School Days Fun!

Isn't this adorable?!  I love the picture of them holding hands and walking down the street.  These layouts were made by my new Creative Team gal, Anita using my School Days Kit.  I am very impressed with her work!

Her non-square layouts have inspired me.  Now I'm curious - what sizes do you create? I have to admit I have used the traditional 12x12 because I like a lot of room to spread out!  I was like that with my paper scrapbooking as well and I thought that would improve with digital, but it hasn't!  For wall art I have created 8x10 pages and I'm considering an 11x8 album for my heritage books.  It would be nice to hear from you what you have decided to use.  Happy Scrapping.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Our Home - Moving Day

One of my downfalls is never making the time to scrapbook my own photos of every day life. Remember our every day life is heritage in the making.  In 2009, the big event in our life was buying our first home.  It's modest and older, but it's HOME!  It was such a chaotic time.  My step Dad was right in the middle of cancer surgery and life was stressful, but we saw God's hand working in the details.  It was 7 weeks from thinking, "Maybe we could buy a home" to move in day on our twin daughters' birthday!  There is a lot to document in that time!  So I created some kits and I plan on making a book to tell the story so that my children can see God working in our lives. 

This page was created with Our Home - Digital Scrapbook Kit.  Look for the other kits, including the bundle pack.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

School Days Layout

I was cruising through the Heritage Scrap Gallery (a great source of inspiration, by the way!), and I saw this lovely layout from Linda.  Linda is very talented and has been on the Heritage Scrap Creative Team from the start.  She taught me a lot when I was just a new digital scrapbooker!  I have loved seeing her heritage pages through the years and almost feel like I know her family a little bit through the photos and journaling!

If I find you in the gallery using one of my kits, I would love to feature you on my blog as well.  Happy Scrapping!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Layouts To Share

Recently I have begun going through my photos and memorabilia.  High on my priority list is to create an album for my little brother Danny (1967-1973).  This is my favorite photograph of him as a baby.  It really shows his personality, even though he wasn't old enough to sit up yet.  Our Dad played minor league baseball, so the baseball elements were a must.  This layout was created using two of my kits, My Family Tree - Baby Edition and My Family Tree - Baby Edition Add On.  These kits were created to make, soft neutral baby books.

While perusing the Heritage Scrap Gallery, I found this wonderful heritage layout from Creative Team friend Helene (Victoria32).  If you would like to see more of her beautiful artistry, you can find here gallery HERE.  Helene is an avid scrapbooker and all her layouts go into her family albums which she prints up for her grandchildren and family.  What a blessing that must be for them!  In this particular layout I was impressed with all her clustering and layering.  I almost didn't recognize it as coming from my own kit, but it is.  She created this layout with one of my new kits, Family Treasures.

If you post one of your layouts using my kits at the Heritage Scrap Gallery, I would love to see it and feature you as well.  Happy Scrapping!

Prelude To Autumn

Welcome to Fall - it's the first day of Autumn today. My favorite season!  You have one more week to purchase the September 2011 Designer Collaboration mini kits for $2.50 each at Heritage Scrap.  You can find all the Prelude to Autumn kits HERE.  And my portion is HERE.

Working on the designer collabs is fun!  Sometimes the theme is one that is more difficult for me or presents designing challenges and I learn to grow from those.  I particularly enjoy working with the other designers during these collaborations.  Every time we do one I remember and miss the late Jean Daugherty.  She was always ready to give encourage and help when needed.  Her beautiful artistry is certainly missed!

Hope you get a chance to look at these before the price goes up.  October's collaboration will be appearing soon.  Happy Scrapping.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Our Home ~ New Kits & Bundle

Busy week here at the computer.  I've been working on a new set of kits that can be used to document your home and family, your ancestors's homes, building and remodeling projects, buying and selling a home or moving.  The elements are versatile and could be used to create other types of heritage or every day layouts as well.

Here is the preview of some of the homey elements.  I've included a mix of modern and vintage to help you use it for a variety of pages.

Here is a 2nd preview showing all the ribbons, bows and frilly stuff.

This preview shows all the journaling elements, including titles, title clusters and lots of labels.

I always like a variety of frames to choose from, so I've given you a lot in this kit and one frame cluster.

And this shows the papers with some neutrals tones and light blues and greens.  There are a few more modern prints, some blue print type papers, some old fashioned florals and damasks and a couple worn and torn overlay papers.

All of the above are from the main kit.  There are some add ons and a bundle as well. 

I had fun creating these quick pages.  There are two gallery pages, one stair case and wall where you can "hang" your family portraits and an open book page layered with lace, tabs and other "bits and bobs".  The preview doesn't quite do it justice, so I'll have to create some pages with them and share them.

This word art package contains titles and quotes for your home and family pages.

To help you save money, if you like the whole set, you can purchase them in a bundle, Our Home Bundle Pack.  Thank you for looking.  I hope you will enjoy this new kit!

My Great Grandfather and His Daughter

Recently I have been going through a lot of boxes that my Mother brought me with things from my Grandma's house.  My Mother saved me bits and pieces that she knew I would treasure.  She kept spiral notebooks on her end table where she sat and filled them with all kinds of good "stuff"!  She always said "'stuff' is a good word, it's in the Bible 8 times".  She had looked it up in the concordance.  That's just how she was.  Anyone who lived in her town could see her little white "dandelion" head sitting on her couch in front of the front window.  She read her Bible, Grace Livingston Hill and Essie Summers books.  In her "handy dandy notebook" she wrote down lists (copiously) of names she liked.  "My Hobby", she penned next to some of the lists. She copied down phrases that she liked from her reading (I too enjoy a well phrased novel and smile at the descriptions and words I know she would have jotted down).  There were hundreds of pages of Bible study notes, lists of animals, plants and birds in the Bible and key verses to memorize (I plan on doing my devotional studies from some of these pages this year).  I could go on for several more paragraphs about the kinds of things I found, but I won't! ;-)

Last night a little slip of paper fell out of one of those notebooks and I have included it on the page above.  Tucked in amongst quotes, lists and so on, here and there are family history gems.  It is truly like a treasure hunt.  This particular note talked about her Dad, my great grandfather Fred (F.W. Tisdale), who was quite an interesting man. Because of this little note I now know where my Grandma, my Mother and I got our love of quotes.  As I read it, I remembered her telling me this before.  Every Monday, Mr. Tisdale would write an inspirational quote on the black board. He said it would "rub off" on his students.

The note also listed the last two places he taught and was superintendent as well as what subjects he taught.  On the back side were some of the silly quotes he would say.  He was fun loving by all accounts (he died in 1940) and most picture show him with a twinkle in his eye.

This man I never met, passed on so much to me through his oldest child, his daughter Holly - faith, creativity and a love of learning. There are some pesky traits he pass on too, but no need to mention those here! HA HA!

Today I created a layout with his school superintendent photo, that slip of paper in Grandma's school teacher printing and a photo of all the students of Lake Stevens (WA) High School in 1922.  For the layout, I used primarily my new School Days Kit along with a key from my His Story - Family Tree Kit which shares the same color palette.

Thank you for taking a journey down memory lane with me today!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Well, I've been busy designing the last couple weeks and I'm happy to introduce you to one of my new kits, "School Days" (you can link to it from below the photo above).  I come from several generations of teachers, am married to a teacher and teach my own children, so it is only fitting that I finally design an education relalted kit!

Elements Preview

School Days shares the same rich color palette of His Story Family Tree Kit.

Frames Preview

So, if you have the His Story kit, you can mix and match the two kits.

Journal Elements

The elements have a vintage and heritage feel but could be used with modern photos as well.

Paper Preview

Some of the papers have scenes from childhood using some of Idgie's Heartsong's beautiful artwork.

Hope you enjoy it!  Stay tuned for some more new designs!  Happy Scrapping!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Farewell Sale At Faith Sisters

It's hard to believe I am writing this post.  The hardest decisions in life are when we have to give up something good.  It would be so easy to leave designing at Faith Sisters if I didn't like it there, but I do!  I started out as a digital creative team member December 2008 and while I've never had the time to spend in the forum that I'd like, I've always hung around.  Last summer was a design contest and then I joined as a designer.  It sure has been fun and has stretched my designing abilities as I've spread my wings and tried new things.  However, there is only a small window of time that a Mama has for teaching her children and spending time with them and I found that I could not balance the two sides of my designing with home educating and family life.  God and family always come first.

So, with that being said, I'm announcing my "Farewell Sale" at my shop at Faith Sisters.  My designs will be available there through September 30.  Head on over and enjoy a great sale! After that my designs will be available exclusively at Heritage Scrap.

If you see me in the gallery or forum there, please say hi.  My user name is forgetmenots.  And if you've created anything with my kits - please post images.  I'd love to see them.

A big thank you to Karma and all the gals on the design team at Faith Sisters.  It has been a PLEASURE to work with you and I am so glad God gave me this opportunity!

Happy Scrapping!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Autumn Sales and New Kits

My September sales on my Autumn and new kits, continue!  Check out my shop at Heritage Scrap

And here is a sneak peek... it should be in the shop on Friday!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Family Treasures - New Family Tree Kit!

Family Treasures - A Family Tree Kit is my new kit available now at Heritage Scrap for 25% Off for the rest of September. I have been wanting to create some more genealogy and family history oriented kits with enough elements and papers that a scrapbooker could make a whole album or project with one kit if they desired.

Inspiration for this kit came from sitting at my Grandma's feet, going through boxes of photos and memorabilia in 1995 and then again with my Mother this summer - looking at all Grandma's treasures which were in storage after her death.

Here are some of the elements.  Being a spinner, I couldn't resist throwing in an element cluster that uses a spinning wheel!  I have sought to include elements that can dress up or down because sometimes lace doesn't always fit, but then again, sometimes you feel like being fancy! 

This preview shows the frames and frame clusters.  I like having a lot of options!

Included are two 4 generation pedigree charts, and many elements for telling the story and labeling.

The papers are soft and nearly monochromatic to emulate the look of old photo albums, fabrics, memorabilia and so on.

Here are some of the special papers - some worn and torn, mats and file folders.

There are even two quick pages to help you get started documenting your family treasures!

You can find Family Treasures in my store at Heritage Scrap.

Happy Scrapping!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Autumn Sale at Heritage Scrap

In addition the September Collaboration Kit, Prelude To Autumn, I will have select fall themed kits on sale at Heritage Scrap during September!


Heritage Scrap September 2011 Designer Collaboration Kit

Autumn is my favorite season. At the end of summer and as children go back to school, autumn glides into our lives, giving us a prelude of colors and sensations yet to come. Autumn Prelude is September 2011's designer collaboration kit, a digital scrapbook kit designed to represent this changing time. It includes:

15 300dpi 12x12 Papers with 6 solid papers

20 Elements, including:
1 Large Frame Cluster
3 Frames
1 Journal Note
1 Maple Leaf Mat
2 Element Clusters
1 Ribbon (2 colors)
1 Bow (2 colors)
1 Lace
3 Flowers
1 Leaf
1 Bead Spray
1 Button (2 colors)

You can find my portion here and all the designers' portions here.  During the month of September, each designer portion is $2.50.  Afterwards they revert to the usual $3.99.  We have several new designers at Heritage Scrap and this is a good way to check out their design work.  Have fun scrapping!