Thursday, December 19, 2013

End Of Year Sale

End of year sale in my little corner of the digital world at Heritage Scrap.  30% Off, including bundles.  Thank you for your business this year.  Happy Scrapping.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Project Life Tuesday: Digital Project Life

While I am waiting to start Project Life in January, I'm still organizing and I am playing around with some digital pages.  One of the things I wanted to do for my children is document the community we live in and that is why I began the Everyday Heritage series of kits.  Everyday Heritage - My Community was used to create this page about the places that we go grocery shopping, as well as a CU template from That Girl Designs. I used a lot of bright colors because store signs and community places usually have bright colors. My style is a little more simple for my personal scrapbooking, as you can see, but it gets the job done and I have fun!

You can see what others are doing for Project Life Tuesday at The Mom Creative Project Life Tuesday Linkup. Thank you for stopping by.  Happy Scrapping!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

True Confessions and Project Life Tuesday.

True Confession Time:

Sometimes I miss paper scrapbooking! I love all the convenience and versatility of digital scrapbooking, but there is something nice about having your hands on all your supplies, journaling by hand and the immediate gratification of a completed book. For 5 years I have been scrapping digitally and in that time the paper scrapbooking world has changed dramatically.  I don't have the time or the money to put into it like I used to but I still have a large stash. However, thinking about finding all that time, a place where I can scrap and spread out to work and digging through my stored boxes of supplies is not overly appealing.  To combat some of these issues, I have rearranged my bedroom and placed a desk where eventually I will be able to work. I'm not brave enough to share what the area looks like at the moment - mainly because it's still in the disaster sorting stage!

The desire to create paper scrapbooking pages and a nesting spot for my supplies has been fueled by the growing popularity of Becky Higgins' Project Life. I adore Becky Higgins and have followed her scrapbooking career and creativity since the time she was barely out of high school and venturing into life. Her ability to be creative and yet keep things simple and classic, has always appealed to me. The video in the link above does a great job of explaining and showing exactly what Project Life is, if you are new to it.

In fairness, Project Life is not the only or the first pocket system of scrapbooking, but Project Life really launched the idea into the spotlight creating the popularity which has spawned a multitude of amazing products.  The end result is that Project Life or pocket scrapbooking, can be as simple or as intensely involved as you desire. It promises something for those who are delighted in the process and those who delight in the end product. And, the good news is that for those of you who digitally scrap, there is Project Life Digital!

After failing several years of Project 365, Project 52 and other similar photo projects, it is with a mixture of excitement and trepidation that I have decided to begin Project Life for 2014. This year I began by purchasing pages, drooling over "core kits" and other products. And this winter while I wait to begin, I am working on organization and planning. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail right?

In watching hours of videos, surfing Pinterest and blogs and based on my past failures at Project 365 etc, doing a picture a day is just not going to work for me. My primary art love is photography and I would feel constricted by having only one photo a day.  Add to that being a busy Mom, I would soon fail at a photo a day. So, I have given myself permission to document the month, not necessarily the weeks, day by day.  My hats off to those of you who are keeping up with one photo a day. My plan is to be more purposeful in my photography though. I don't want the photos to be only of events and special occasions.  If I never do another year of Project Life, I would like this year to be a snapshot into our home, lives and personalities, so that my children will have something to remember from their day to day childhood.  Some ways that I plan to be more purposeful are to take pictures of our home, some of our daily routines, changes in our garden and in my children, document hobbies, what we're reading and watching and show what is really important to us as a family.

As a creative crafter who has stashes of paper, fabric, yarn and fiber, I've also determined that I am not going to be able to pick one core kit and stick with it for a whole year. Variety is definitely a spice in my creative life. Therefore I will use some of the core kits I now have and add to them as I can. I will likely make some of my own pieces to use as well so that I can thin down my stash.

So I made myself some goals and maybe too many of them, but here they are:

1. Scrap a representative year of life in our family through photos and journaling. I hope to have some fun with the creative process, but keep it simple so it actually gets done.

2. Begin scrapping our state history field trips using the Heritage and Cinnamon core kits.

3. Scrap a family album representing our story for the first 15 years as an overview, using 5th & Frolic core kit, Love themed kit and the Polka Dot Party mini kit.

4. Work on previous years digitally as I can, making overviews to have printed as books.

5. Organize my new, small, scrapbooking area.

6. Dedicate time in my schedule to do this.

7. Have fun!

I'd love to share with you some links to help you get started if you are interested.

Tips on organizing from Through Crystal's Eyes that I thought were helpful. I'm also going to print out some calendar pages from Donna Young so that I can keep track of details for journaling. I may print these out and include a calendar page each month as well. You can see an enviable Project Life scrapping space at Mish Mash. Loving Life's Little Blessings is having a video series on getting started and organized in PL.

Digital Project Life Freebies - You can even get two free templates that you can use with any papers and digital products you already have. I've also been designing some kits that can be used with digital including Everyday Heritage - My Community and Everyday Heritage - My Cookbook and my cooking kit Cuisine has journal cards and filler cards included. Here is a template for planning at DebDuty

Inspiration at Project Life Tuesdays, where there is a linkup, so be sure to check out the links on each post to find inspiration and other scrappers and bloggers participating in Project Life.  Other blogs I've enjoyed for Project Life inspiration are:

Becky Higgins
Family Bees
Ali Edwards
Melanie Britt
Children's Art Scrapbook
Cathy Zielske
Elise Cripe
Field Journaling
Figuring Out Forty
Kerri Bradford
In A Creative Bubble
Simple Stories
Mish Mash
Our Life
Pink Ronnie
Project Life documenting a young man's life

Well, that's probably more than enough for a start. You are probably overwhelmed if you have read this far, but I'm having fun planning and will be doing some more posts.  I would love to hear from you if you have done or are planning to do Project Life - even if it did not work for you!

More to come!  Happy Scrapping!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Week Sales

Thank you to all my loyal customers! You help me provide for my family and I do not take that for granted. There are specials over the next week, especially Friday. Heritage Scrap will have a $2 Kit Section with selections from most of the designers. Remember I have quite a few kits in the "Bargain Basement".  Even my combos and collections will be on sale.  You can find my little corner of the store HERE. Thank you for stopping in to shop, but enjoy your family time and remember to give thanks!  Happy Scrapping!

Are You Hungry?

For a new recipe kit that is!  Introducing.....

Frames, Journal Elements & 10 Recipe Cards
Plate Full Page Cluster
Store Description of Cuisine:
Cuisine is another addition to my collection of recipe oriented digital scrapbooking kits.  It is designed to create a whole family cookbook or just a few recipe or food related scrapbook pages. 3x4 Journal Cards are included for those doing pocket page scrapbooking. This kit would be perfect for recipes, food, cooking, celebration and holiday photos.  Kit includes:
27 12x12 300 dpi Background Papers (including 6 card stock)
  2 Worn and Torn Overlays
73 Elements:
10 4x6 Recipe Cards
 5 3x4 Journal Cards
 5 Labels
1 Note Paper
1 Sign
2 Tags
7 Frames
1 Page Cluster
2 Arrows
4 Banner Tails
1 Bottle
4 Bows
2 Sets of brackets (1 recolored)
1 Button
5 Flowers
1 Herb Bunch
1 Leaf
1 Set Measuring Spoons
2 Oven Mitt Die Cuts (1 recolored)
3 Washi Tapes
3 Ribbons
1 String
1 Paper Clip
1 Paper Lace
1 Plate
2 Cook Pot Die Cuts (1 recolored)
1 Spatula
1 Whisk
1 Wooden Spoon
1 Trivet

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It has been fun to get back in my "designing chair" again! My new kit Viola was inspired by someone I love and contains my favorite colors.  Here is the store description:

Viola is a digital scrapbooking kit with a vintage feminine, floral theme reminiscent of the Victorian and Edwardian eras. Rich purple and mauve tones interspersed with soft greens make up the kit's palette. There are plenty of greens and flowers provided to make your own bouquet or several clusters have been provided. Viola has the perfect romantic feel for weddings, heritage, anniversary or other special occasion photos. Includes:

24 12x12 300 dpi background papers (includes 5 cardstock)

45 Elements

1 Page Cluster
6 Frames
2 Journal Books
1 4x6 Card
2 Labels
1 Book
5 Bows
1 Brad
1 Button
1 Charm
1 Doily
6 Individual Flowers
3 Flower Clusters
1 Ivy
1 Lace
3 Leaves
5 Ribbons
1 Rosette
1 Stitch
1 Swirl

Because I created so many flower clusters and flower elements, I wanted to have most of the papers be neutral or "read" as a neutral to show them off. There are five cardstocks, one in each color, included.

It's hard to see all the elements, but there are individual flowers as well as clusters and some greenery so you can make your own bouquets and designs.

There are a variety of frames and journaling options available.  I hope you enjoy Viola.  Happy Scrapbooking!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Monday, October 28, 2013

NEW: Everyday Heritage - My Cook Book

Cooking and health are a growing passion of mine, which has often been fueled by memories of working with Grandma Hopkins in her kitchen and lately by reading books she left that all include little notes in her handwriting and underlining and crossing out things sometimes too!  This year I have begun to make plans for creating a family cookbook. And so the seeds were also sown to create my new kit Everyday Heritage - My Cook Book.

The kit is quite large, so that you can make a variety of pages or a whole book. If you have my Country Kitchen kit, some of the elements and papers may mix and match.  Here is the store description for the kit:
The foods we eat and how and who we enjoy them with, are a part of our heritage, both past and in the present.  This 2nd edition of my every day heritage series is designed to help you create a whole cookbook project or just a page or a 4x6 recipe to share.  Included are 3x4 and 4x6 cards to use with the pocket page scrapbook style in either digital or hybrid.  Bon Appetite!

24 12x12 300dpi Background papers including:

 5 Cardstock
19 Patterns

168 Elements, including:

13 3x4 Pocket Cards
 9 4x6 Pocket Cards
 3 Index Cards
 8 Recipe Cards
 7 Frames
 2 Sets Photo Corners
23 Word Labels (x2 Colors)
 4 Plain Labels
 5 Titles (x2 Colors)
28 Category Subtitles (x2 Colors)
 2 Leaves
 1 "Love" Sticker
 2 Oven Mitt Stickers
 1 Mixer Sticker
 2 Measuring Spoon Sets
 2 Paper Clips
 1 Paper Doily
 1 Potato Peeler
 1 Place Setting
 1 Ribbon
 1 Spatula
 2 Staples
 2 Stitching
 1 Turner
 1 Vine
 3 Washi Tape
 1 Whisk
 1 Apron
 6 Arrows
 2 Banner Pieces
 2 Borders
 3 Bows
 2 Sets Brackets
 1 Button
10 Chipboard Shapes
 1 Clip
 1 Cook Pot Sticker
 6 Flowers
 1 Fork
 1 Knife
 1 Heart
 1 Lace
Some of the elements.
I tried to include as many ways as possible for you to write down recipes, so that there would be variety if you were making a book. Also included are 3x4 and 4x6 cards for those who are doing pocket style scrapbooking.

I tried to keep the paper selection somewhat neutral with a few bolder prints for accents. This way the eye can focus on the recipes and the photos. They have a slightly vintage country feel to them.  Included are five pieces of cardstock as well.

Frames are included for creating regular scrapbook pages or for your food photos. And there are plenty of labels!  Plain versions are included in case you want to add your own.  There are titles and category titles as well.  All these come in two different colors to allow more creative freedom in your cook book! 
I hope you enjoy! Whether you use my kit or someone else's, I highly recommend creating a family cookbook.  Thanks for stopping by and taking a look!

Update On Ancestry DNA Testing

Hello everyone! First I apologize for long neglecting my blog.  To make up for lost time, I will write two posts today.

In the past I wrote about our experiences using DNA testing.  Then I wrote further about "spitting in a tube".  You can read about the Ancestry DNA testing HERE. Overall I am happy about what we learned.  We joined under the Beta program and were told that in the future as more people used the testing program and a larger database was developed, that our information would be fine tuned.  Last week we received notification that our ethnicity profile had been updated. This turned out to be quite fascinating information.

Initially my husband's data was:

50% Central European
45% Scandinavian
 5% Uncertain

Updated data:

97% Europe, further broken down to:

54% Great Britain
21% Ireland
 8% Europe West
 7% Iberian Peninsula
 4% Europe East
 2% Italy/Greece
 1% Scandinavian

The additional 3% is broken down to:

1% North Africa
1% Caucasus
1% Near East

WOW. That was different!  So, why the big difference? As more and more people are in the study, they can narrow it down and pinpoint more exactly. There is a huge change in the percentage of Scandinavian and I would attribute that to the % of Ireland and Great Britain overlapping with that of Scandinavia (Vikings).  Then there was that 5% Uncertain which would explain the newer additions of North Africa, Caucuses, Near East, Italy/Greece etc. My guess is that his Near East, Caucasus and North African blood, ties into the Iberian Peninsula DNA since there were connections there between the Muslims, Jews, Spaniards and Portuguese. This is just a guess based on what we know of history. We were particularly fascinated with Hubby's DNA because we have little to know information on his father's family.

When I went to look at my DNA, I didn't expect to see as great of a change, but it was interesting too. 

My initial data:

75% British Isles
16% Central European
 8% Eastern European
 1% Uncertain

Other than neglecting my nearly 300 years of documented Swedish ancestry, I felt this was fairly accurate.  Now you can see my update did change a little:

99% Europe, broken down to:

45% Europe West
26% Great Britain
16% Ireland
 5% Scandinavia
 6% Finnish/North Russia
 1% Europe East

The additional 1% was Asia South, which included India, Pakistan and surrounding smaller countries.

Geographically, my genealogy has revealed my ancestry to come from Ireland, Scotland, England, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Poland and Slovakia. These numbers seem to more or less represent this. The only surprise was the DNA from Asia South since there is nothing in the last 2-300 years that I have uncovered that would make sense of that.  My British were in America long before the empirical reign over India. I am thinking that this could reflect my Slovakian heritage and their could be some Roma (Gypsy) blood there as they came from India originally. I will likely never know for certain. The Finnish/North Russia, which includes most of western Russia, could be part of my Swedish ancestry, but just as possibly, it could come from my Polish or Slovakian ancestry. The DNA results do explain the regions and note how they intermixed with others and what percentage the average native of these regions have in their DNA. In Scandinavia there is a mix of European, Great Britain, Finnish, Russian, Irish and other DNA types, so it is possible that my Swedes were not "pure".

All in all this has been a fun adventure and we are thankful to Ancestry for making this possible.  We are now hoping to do further DNA studies through 23 and Me for genetic testing of health conditions and for hubby in particular, we would like to join a surname study at Family Tree DNA. The testing from Family Tree DNA gives the haplotypes and you can join surname studies to determine which line you fit into, which would be beneficial in my Husband's case.  So we are saving pennies now for this. My hope was that we would make some connections on Ancestry.  I have made a few connections with distant cousins, but no brick walls have come down yet. New matches are added all the time.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday Heritage Scrap

It's hard to believe that Heritage Scrap is now 5 years old! Congratulations! I am so proud of Kate McClellan and all she has accomplished and I'm looking forward to seeing where she takes Heritage Scrap in the future.  This month the new store design is debuted and we are so happy to have a new and functional gallery! Please check them out.

5 years ago today when the store opened, I had not even begun digital scrapbooking though it was on my long list of things "to do".  Since the age of 7 I've been taking photographs. At 11 I began scrapbooking. Since the age of 14 I have been researching genealogy. Writing has long been a pleasure. I taught heritage scrapbooking classes in Bellingham, Washington and Folsom, California at two lovely stores that are sadly, no longer in existence.  It was inevitable that I would eventually scrap digitally and maybe less obvious, but also inevitable that I would want to learn how to design.

During the autumn of 2008 I started looking at digital scrapbook sites.  Naturally I did a search for heritage designs and a link for Jean Daugherty, Digizines by Teri and Lynn Griffin led me to Heritage Scrap. I was in heaven!  All those lovely designs were just what I was looking for!  Then in December 2008 I joined the Creative Team at Heritage Scrap and began working as the CT leader.  That was hard work and a lot of fun!

During long calls regarding store planning, trials and triumphs, I was delighted to become friends with Kate and she mentored me as I dipped my toes into the water of designing!  I will forever be grateful for Kate willingness to share her expertise and knowledge and take a chance with putting my first kits in the store.  The rest, as they say, is history.

Along the way, Kate moved completely across country, my family and I bought our first home, our children and grandchildren began school and we've lost a couple good friends.  We'll never forget Jean Daugherty and Anne of Annie's Digital Things.  They both lost their battles to breast cancer, but I remember them more for their amazing art, their genuine willingness to mentor me as a young designer and their great influence on our design team and on digital heritage art.

Here we are at 5.  I say "we", even though I do not own it, nor am I the brains that made it possible, but because Heritage Scrap has become a part of me.  We've gone through rough spots. We almost closed once. We've changed. We're moving forward with tenacity and hope. I look forward to seeing what the future holds at Heritage Scrap as we continue to focus on sharing the stories as well as the photos that make up our heritage and who we are.

Thank you for reading.  If you would like to visit my store for the sale, you can find it HERE.

Catching Up and a New Kit

Part of the reason that I have not been blogging or designing for quite some time, is that I have been gardening.  This is a little view of our sunflower forest.  Sadly, sunflower harvest has come and gone and so have the lovely sunshine blooms.  With the garden comes a lot of work and a lot of fun.

The last few weeks have been all about making tomato sauce.  I love picking produce from the garden and using Grandma Hopkins' vintage enamel bowl.  But in between the picking, canning and painting/decorating the kitchen, I have been watching movies, reading books and designing.  And this produced Anne:

Anne was inspired by my favorite Canadian red headed heroine as she entered adulthood, married life and motherhood.
Some of the elements.
Papers in muted, soft tones.
Plenty of journaling elements, frames and 2 pieces of word art quotes.
Card Stock, Quick Page and Mats
Hope you'll enjoy scrapbooking with Anne.  Thank you for stopping by!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

interNational Scrapbook Day Weekend

For many years during my paper scrapbooking days, I had so much fun at NSD crops!  I loved chatting with my special scrapping friends, trying nummy treats, joining in contests etc!  Hmmm... I miss that.  Well, I guess I will have to celebrate by doing some digital layouts this weekend.  To help you celebrate, I have put my store on sale at 50% OFF this week, May 1-7.

You can find my store HERE.
The designs all worked hard on the lovely May 2013 Designer's Collab in lovely, soft colors.  Devoted is in honor of mothers and women everywhere who have devoted themselves to others.  It will be perfect for your Mother's Day gathering photos, weddings and other elegant occasions or heritage photos.

Collabs and Add Ons HERE.

My Portion HERE.
Devoted Papers
Layout using Devoted.
My Add On Kit HERE.
Elements of Devoted Add On

Papers for Devoted Add On
Thank you for taking a look.  I hope you will drop in the store.  Everyone is having great sales and some beautiful new product has been added.  Enjoy your scrapbooking weekend!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Family History Sale

For the month of March 2013, I will have all my kits with a family history theme on sale for 15-50% Off!  Check them out in my store!

I'm sorry I've been away for such a long time. It has been a long winter.  I hope to be designing again soon and posting more often.  Thank you for stopping by.