Friday, September 14, 2012

Baby Grace Charity Kit - Help A Family In Need

I didn't have anything to do with this charity collab, but when I read about her condition it tugged at my Mommy Heart and my years working in pediatrics give me an idea of the journey they have ahead of them. You can read about Baby Grace.  If I had known about this project, I would have joined in, but since I didn't know - I want to pass it on to you now.

There are two ways to help.  The first is by purchasing the kit above at Scrapflower.  There is much more than you can see in this preview and it is on special price for $9.99.

The second way is to purchase a Commercial Use Collab at SugarHillco.

May you grow strong and healthy Baby Grace and be blessed by the Almighty Father who created you beautiful!  And may your parents and family be strengthened to help you on this journey and may your doctors be guided by wisdom!  And that reminds me - a third way to help!  You can pray for Baby Grace and her family.

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