Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Project Life Tuesday: 2014 Week 6 and a Calendar Card

Because of the weather, I had to take my photos inside this week, so they aren't so great.  However, I am not going to complain because we have been in drought and we need the blessing of this rain!

Here is the full two page spread.  It was a blue week!

This was a week mostly spent around the house, but it was also a week where a lot of things were accomplished, so there was a lot to write about.

Because the photos weren't very good I took a close up shot of the right side.  All the fruit trees bloomed early and they have been lovely.

And I decided to put in a small calendar each month.  I have the digital version of the Rain Core Kit and was able to choose one of the cards that is meant to be for the opening page.  Then I used a commercial use perpetual calendar template from one of my favorite designers, Miss Tiina. After flattening the image, I had it printed at Costco with the rest of my Project Life photos and I am pleased with the result. It was fun to add that.
All in all,I have loved doing this. It's so relaxing on Sunday or Monday to sit down with my prints and work on my layout - almost like a reward! My pages aren't overly exciting as far as technique and art, but they are DONE! And that is the exciting part to me and my family.
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Emily said...

I love all the blue! Great layouts :)