Sunday, April 1, 2012

1940 US Census

On the upper right you will see an icon that connects to Ancestry's page about the 1940 US Population Census.  Many of us genealogy geeks have been waiting a long time for this.  I can't wait to find my family and ancestors on this census.  I signed up to be an Ancestry Ace and I will keep you informed as I learn.  This is the first information they are giving out:

The National Archives and Records Administration will open the 1940 U.S. Federal Census on April 2, 2012—the first time this collection will be made available to the public. Once we receive the census, we will begin uploading census images to our site so the public can browse them. Initially, this collection will be what we call a browse-only collection. This means a person can scroll through the pages of the census districts much like you would look at a microfilm or a book. At the same time, we will be working behind the scenes to create an index of the census that will eventually allow people to search for their family members by name as they currently can with all other censuses on Note also that the 1940 U.S. Federal Census will be accessible free of charge throughout 2012 on

We'll have to be patient.  it won't be all there all at once.  They realize everyone is anxious to see the census pages for their state, but until they begin the process, it will be difficult to determine how quickly it will go.

Right now I am looking at the Enumeration District maps.  These will help determine where your ancestors and family may be on the census.  The maps are quite interesting and I'm glad I looked because the name of my family's district is different than I thought.

If you click on the badge on the upper right, you will go to this page and there will be updated information there as well as a download link for a blank 1940 Census page.  This is the exciting part - you can see what types of information may be provided for your family members.  Some new possibilities are a personal description, place of birth and the place where the person lived as of April 1, 1935!  Oooooh the possibilities! Stay tuned!

(Please Note: I am voluntarily connected with in getting this information out to the public.  I am not compensated in any way)

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