Wednesday, May 2, 2012

NEW - Amethyst Heritage Kit and Add On

Today I'm very excited to introduce you to my new kits - Amethyst Heritage and Amethyst Heritage Add On.  First, the colors are some of my favorites and second, I loved all the textures and designs in the papers - they once again remind me of fabric and inspire me to quilt and sew!  Like my other big kits with add ons, these two are designed so that if you wanted to, you could do an entire album if you chose.

Ahhhhh.... purple!  My favorite! These are just some of the papers in Amethyst, but they are the ones which gave the kit it's name!

Some of the Amethyst Heritage Kit Elements.

And here are more of the Amethyst Heritage Kit papers.  My goal was to give pattern but to keep it soft so that the photos could come to the foreground and tell the story.

Included in the kit are lots of frames, journals notes and labels and two pedigree overlays - one is 4 generation and one is 5 generation.

Element Clusters and Borders from Amethyst Heritage.

The special papers - these were fun to make and I can't wait to use them as well.

Quick pages from the Amethyst Heritage Kit - a family photo tree, a 3 generation family photo pedigree and a layered/stacked book page.

Today I played with the quick page and made a photo tree starting with my Grandpa, Alden Hopkins.  More design elements or journaling could be added, but I decided to just use it as it comes, so people can see what comes with the kit.

And now for the add on kit. I tried to include different items in this kit so that it is not just "more of the same".  Combined with the original kit, you will surely have more than enough to create a whole family history album.

These are the quick pages from the add on kit.

I used one of them today to create my own four generation family tree.  Again, in my completed version I will add more decorations to personalize it but I wanted to share it "as is", so that you can see what the product is like if you don't want to add anything else.  It took some work but it was really nice to see the end product of all those faces that make up me!

Papers from the Add On, just a few more to give you variety.

Frames, elements and journaling pieces.

Pedigree charts (4 and 5 generation), titles and tree elements.

A selection of card stock to mix and match with everything else.

Phew!  That was a lot of previews!  I hope you enjoyed.  Hint:  Tomorrow NSD sale starts!

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