Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What Family History is All About

A friend on Facebook posted this blog post written by her friend John Mahan, a photographer.  I am not familiar with his work, but looked at his portraits posted on his page and he definitely has "the eye".

As a family historian, I have spent many hours sitting at my Grandmother's feet asking questions or at the dining room table, interviewing Great Aunts and Uncles.  But now that my Grandmother is gone (95 7/12 years were not enough), there is so much I want to say, to ask, but most of all I want to just be with her.

John's post reflects that.  When a camera is seldom far from you, sometimes it is difficult to "be present". This well written post poignantly shares a time when he was able to be "present" with his father.

Remember in doing your family history - be PRESENT!  There is no prize for the person who has the most blanks filled in on their genealogy forms!  All the data in the world will not replace the important moments shared.  Most data can be recovered some how at a later time - but time stands still for no genealogist!  Cherish the time you have.  Respect your elders (didn't you learn that in Kindergarten?) and make memories that bless your interviewee as well as yourself.

Take the time to read Mr. Mahan's post - he is a word smith as well as a camera artist!

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