Thursday, March 31, 2011

April 2011 Heritage Scrap Designer Collaboration Kit

Heritage Scrap has a new designer collaboration set out and you can view all the portions here.  The link for mine is just above.

Here is a view of the papers for my portion of Spring Symphony.  It will be $2.50 for each portion during the month of April 2011.  While each of us have a slightly different style, each designer used the same color card and theme.  The kits will work together 'mix and match'.

Here is a layout I created using my portion.  This is a hummingbird we saw buzzing around the flowering fruit trees at the nursery earlier this week.  The kids and I really enjoyed watching him.  It's pretty hard to get a clear picture when their wings beat so fast and they are on to the next flower before you can change your settings!

This layout is also made with the kit and I used a great template from Armina Designs.  This showcases some of the photos I took while at the nursery.  Since I love to photograph flowers, my camera usually goes with me when I take a trip to pick up what I need.  As a photographer, I really like using templates like this to share as many of my photographs as possible in an eye pleasing manner.

If you have fun using this kit, or any of my kits, I'd love to see your art!


diney said...

Your portion of the kit is gorgeous! You always seem to know just what to create.

Debby said...

Thank you for the comments on my blog. I do love to sew and knit. You do such a beautiful job on your scrapbooking and geneology. I've been sort of keeping up with you since you moved your blog. Again, such beautiful work. I'm still scrapbooking the old way but in a few years I hope to go digital. When my traditional scrapbooking supplies are gone. Your work is such an inspiration.