Monday, May 2, 2011

Heroine - New Kit

My new kit "Heroine" is available at Heritage Scrap and...

in my store at Faith Sisters too.

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I spent a lot of time hiking, beach combing and camping.  We really know how to "make hay when the sun shines"!  We take advantage of the beautiful weather when we have it. Those are some of my happiest memories, but equally pleasing are my memories of being curled up under the blankets or on the couch with a kitty, reading an intriguing book.  My Grandma Hopkins, a voracious reader and student of life, as well as teacher, fed my love of reading and stories with books like the Little House on the Prairie series and others.  My 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Baldwin encouraged my love of reading even more - she read out whole books to our class.  There were silly stories like Stuart Little and The Borrowers and Charlotte's Web.  Then she moved on to more complex stories like A Little Princess, Sounder and Where The Red Fern Grows.  There was not a dry eye in the classroom when she read Where the Red Fern Grows.

My little world was expanding and growing.  The world of literature opened doors in my mind, spirit and emotions and often offered a way to escape.  It was around 3rd grade that I became "the little nerd in the library".  I discovered the books of Marguerite Henry which delighted me and all the other girls who "played horse" on the playground at recess.

Then one day, my reading journey changed forever.  I discovered the biography section!  There were a whole series for girls about young women who had made differences in their world.  As a young girl feeling trapped in a hopeless situation, these books gave my imagination wings.  There were books about first ladies and queens and politicians and doctors and nurses.  I was really fascinated with Clara Barton and Florence Nightingale.  Later I ended up working in pediatrics nursing as a medical assistant for ten years.  I worked with a doctor who would put his head out the door and say, "Come take a look at this!" and he would teach me something new because I loved to learn and was fascinated by medicine.  I'm certain that this interest began by reading about Clara and Florence - women who paved the way for nursing to become a respected profession for women.

I've never outgrown my love of biographies.  Truth truly is stranger than fiction.  And I also find that the story God writes on our hearts and in our lives, is more fascinating than anything Hollywood could accomplish.

When I discovered the beautiful artwork of Idgie's Heartsong, I was reminded all over again, how passionately I devoured those biographies as a young girl.  She inspired me to create my kit, Regina which features many of England's queens.

Idgie's Heartsongs' Women in History brushes inspired me to Heroine, in which I've honored just a few of the women whose stories I've enjoyed.

I've included art featuring Joan of Arc, Clara Barton, Florence Nightingale, Louisa May Alcott, Helen Keller and Marie Curie.

I realize that not everyone will want to scrapbook about these historical women or their love of history or reading biographies, so I have included lots of elements to help you design in other areas as well.  This kit will work well for heritage, feminine and elegant occasions such as weddings, dances, teas and other occasions.

If you create something with Heroine or have a heroine story of your own - I would love to know.  Thank you for looking and happy scrapping!

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anitab said...

This is a beautiful kit!!

Wow - I read about Clara Barton, also; but you really became a medical assistant - good for you!!

I sure enjoyed this post. I'm working on a heritage album that is inspired by my Grandma, and identified with some of your comments. I also grew up in the Pacific Northwest, and my Grandma encouraged me to read! After I'd read all the mysteries and horse books at the public library, I graduated to her old novels by Gene Stratton Porter, Grace Richmond, Harold Bell Wright, and others. I loved to stay overnight at Grandma's - she had a special reading light on the head of the bed, and she would let me read as late as I wanted!!

My parents were readers, also; my father read the entire 'Oz' series to my brothers and I; and when I was very ill with Scarlet Fever, my mother read the entire Anne of Green Gables series to me.