Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Project Life Tuesday: 2 Weeks

Last night I had fun catching up on Project Life. The pages I completed were for weeks 2 and 3, though I am questioning whether or not I am counting correctly.  The first week of the year was a half week, so maybe I will always be one week ahead in numbering?  I apologize ahead of time for the sub standard photographs. I need to plan ahead so that I can take them in natural light and with my dSLR.

Week 2 was cold and broke cold records in some parts of the states, even though our state was unusually warm and in a state of drought. I included captures from the web regarding the weather to document this. 
Also during this week, we found my 7th grade picture taken at the same age that my son is now. It's hard to see here but we do look quite a bit alike, much to my son's chagrin. Our family likes to watch series through Netflix and I took a photo of our TV of our latest viewing interest.
I have been enjoying the winter sunrises seen through the bare 100 year old black walnut tree.  The two photos were taken on the same day - sunrise and just before sunset.  Upper left is a photo of my youngest who was given a dress up Little House on the Prairie dress. It was hanging off of her a year ago, it was so big and now it almost fits.  She would wear it every day if I let her.  My son used some of his own money to buy the cat themed kit for Project Life. The photo with the 'moose' is my mantle. I finally got a print of my Mommy as a toddler with her Daddy's moose. It fits perfectly in the frame.

Week three started with a wonderful visit from an out of state friend.  A lot of things happened, so this is actually the first two page spread of two spreads.

The cats have loved the fact that we are recovering from illness and have sat around a lot. They like to "help"!  My daughter loves pink and she saw this Smart Car while we were shopping and asked me to take a picture to put in our Project Life.

This layout features our friends and the kids around home.  You can see I have not added any embellishments. I am using the Rain core kit from Project Life and Becky Higgins' Project Life pens for journaling.  So far I am just trying to get into the rhythm of everything.  Yes, it could be "prettier" to do more embellishment, however, my goal is to keep it simple and get it done!

Here is the second spread from our week, which involved a lot of social interaction and work around home.

We made applesauce. did reading and the kids had a "sleepover" in the girls room when our friends came to stay for a couple weeks.


We also enjoyed a Skype session with out of town friends and our little friend who is visiting enjoyed steak dinner on Friday night.  The girls had their orthodontist check and we began learning the Hebrew aleph bet.

All in all I am enjoying this project more and more. How about you?

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