Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Project Life Tuesday: The Beginning

We (my son and I) were so excited to get started on Project Life and then we got struck down with a nasty virus.  So we have a slow start and I didn't get all my photos printed.  But I will share what we have done so far.

In the future I will need to work on better ways of photographing my layouts. It has been so long since I worked with paper scrapbooking - I'm out of practice!  First, I have started with the Rain kit since I am a "purple girl".  I doubt I will use it exclusively throughout the year but that is where I am starting. Second, I am not sure how much of other embellishments I will be adding.  I want to keep it simple in the beginning because I don't want to fail. If it becomes too overwhelming, I will start slacking. Also, since I am doing this with my children helping, I would like to keep it so that it is not too difficult for them.
Anyway, this will be the cover page.  I am contemplating putting 2014 in some sticker or template cut numbers, but haven't decided.  The sticky notes are telling me which photos, when developed, will go in those slots.  So this page has the photo taken of my children in October 2013 and will have a photo of my family in front of our house and one my son took of my husband and I.  One fun thing with the rain set was a card that said "Cast of Characters".  I had already thought of doing that and so it was a pleasant surprise to find a card pre-made. Another decision I made, to keep it simple, is to write in my own handwriting.
So, here is my double page spread for the first week. Again, the sticky  notes are for photos that have yet to be developed. I also need to add the journaling for the second page.

This is the left side of week 1. On the top is a photo from the TV and talking about what we were watching on Netflix while we were all sicky couch potatoes.  The sunrise was what I awoke too on January 1 and my husband and I spent the day organizing old papers.  The lady on the bottom is my Grandma, a few years before she died of Alzheimer's Disease. Her birthday was January 2nd and New Year's Eve was always a big thing for her, so she was on my mind.  Pieces of the past always make up a part of our present, so I thought it was nice to include.  I misplaced my corner rounder that matches with the Project Life cards, so I will go back later and round those.
Right side of week 1.  Again photos are missing and I need to journal about our experience of everyone being sick.  In the middle are pictures of my daughter and the cutie little guy who brought us the lovely virus!  He's so cute we couldn't get mad.  After I made this page, I forgot that I wanted to make a calendar for each month.  I am debating whether or not to put one in the bottom right corner. I do have the digital edition of Rain and some CU calendar templates, so I am thinking about creating one and having it print on a 4x6 photo at Costco with my other prints, then it would be matching.
Even though I have had a slow start, it has been fun.  I'm just a beginner at this new way of scrapbooking and I decided I am going to enjoy the process and not be so critical of the product.  My goal is to keep it fun and be engaged with my family.  As a matter of fact, that has been the most satisfying factor for me - my family is getting into it as well - even my cat Tasha!
When Project Life Tuesday starts up again, I will be linking up there. What are you scrapping?

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anitab said...

Hi! I haven't been to your blog for awhile (haven't been much of anywhere for a while!); am very interested to see that you are doing Project Life!! I just recently downloaded the digital Project Life samples - I really believe I need to simplify for my 'everyday' books, and I was already liking the 'block template' idea. I'll be doing mine digitally, but I'm excited about the possibilities!

Something else I have in common with you - very sick with wheezing cough & fever this past week (first time I've had anything like it before); recovering, but pretty behind on everything. I also had the flu for nearly 3 weeks (better-worse-better-worse) in December - we're getting ready to head south and find some sunshine!
Hoping to get something scrapped soon, I have some BEAUTIFUL kids I want to use!!