Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Project Life Tuesday: Organizing and Delayed Start

Today I was hoping to post pictures of my title page and my first week of Project Life, but my family has spent the last week fighting nasty viruses. During this time I did manage to take some photographs and set up my planning notebook.

The first thing I organized was my Project Life Kits. I had been perusing Pinterest and various blogs for storage ideas and there are some great ones out there, but my budget was pretty tiny. What worked for me at $2.49, from my local Target store, is the Sterilite 6 quart ClearView Latch Box. Each box can hold 3 complete core kits with a little bit of wiggle room. I made divider cards to separate the different kits. The corners are slightly rounded however, that doesn't greatly affect the useable space. At this point in time I am keeping my kits together until I see how I use them. Later I might separate by color.

Here is my messy desk and my notebook. I chose some pretty scrapbook paper (sorry I can't give credit for this - but I purchased the paper from either Michael's or Hobby Lobby) to slip in the cover and spine. It makes me happy every time I see it.
For each month I printed out a calendar which I found at Donna Young. Then I also included a planning page from The Erratic Project Junkie. The current month I keep in a pocket folder in the front and the rest in sheet protectors. I am using these for taking notes so I won't forget details. Most days the main calendar will be sufficient, but the second sheet will help for special days, events and vacations. Marcy Penner has a great free planner that is nice too, which I found after the fact. I also included some planning pages for each of the designs of sheet protectors for the times I want to sketch out.
I'm always looking for good ideas to post on my Pinterest board. A few things I have found are:
Tutorial for printing on journal cards (Paislee Press)
Using stash for Project Life (The Scrap Master)
Free printable journal cards (Miss Tiina)
The best part of Project Life? My son is interested with me!  He used some of his own money to purchase the cat theme kit!  And he wants to help Mom work on the pages. That makes this long time scrapbooking Mom proud!
So, what are you working on?

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